Repairs and maintenance of heavy machinery

سرویس و نگهداری ماشین آلات

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Here you can do three important things:

Using the service and maintenance of heavy machinery of Mah Yas Specialized Group manage the accident before it occurs and prevent accidents and high costs in time.

سرویس ونگهداری ماشین آلات
سرویس و نگهداری ماشین آلات
سرویس و نگهداری ماشین آلات

Repairs and maintenance of heavy machinery

Preventive machine service and maintenance is called a maintenance process that is done regularly and its purpose is to reduce the probability of failure or failure (in machines). Preventive maintenance is performed while the equipment is still working, not after it has broken down As a result, its purpose is to prevent sudden failures In other words, preventive maintenance means fixing small problems before they become big! ! Organizations can have the maximum asset value and productivity by reducing the rate of depreciation, breakdown and malfunction.

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1-"Longer life for equipment"

Preventive machinery maintenance programs ensure that all business assets are operating in accordance with the manufacturer’s factory instructions By upgrading underperforming parts, assets operate at a constant level of productivity throughout the year. This practice reduces the number of times required to purchase new equipment and reinvestment.

2-" reduction in costs”

It is no surprise that the maintenance and repair of reactive machinery leads to costly repairs. The cost of using the equipment to the point of failure may be 10 times more than the cost of periodic maintenance.

3-"more safety"

The more the assets are checked, the less risk-prone problems are likely to occur. Businesses that follow preventive maintenance programs reduce the risk of unexpected breakdowns, health hazards, and liability claims.

Types of mechanical failure in heavy machinery

Three sets of main reasons for mechanical failure can be considered:

1 . 1-Failure due to heat: In unfavorable thermal conditions, some parts fail and cause the equipment to malfunction. Temperature changes with a large range, for example, when turning on the device at a very low temperature and during heating, are one of these conditions.

2-This type of failure is generally easy to detect. . By using the timely replacement of equipment items and consumables, the repair and maintenance system of machines can be prepared to deal with these types of failures. Lubricating moving and rotating components such as shafts, axles, pins, and bushings, as well as making correct adjustments such as shims for components with permissible slack, are among the common methods for preventing these types of failures.

3-Erratic Failure: This type of failure is more difficult to identify and prevent than the previous two types. The time and circumstances of this type of failure cannot be precisely identified. . Most irregular breakdowns in heavy machinery occur under the influence of conditions such as excessive load on hydraulic and electronic systems.

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