Liebherr concrete pumps traditionally reflect the quality of the German brand Concrete pumps installed on trucks and stationary concrete pumps cover a wide range of uses. Customers benefit from the high availability of the device and services worldwide.

Concrete pump

Various devices are used to transfer concrete. Ready-mixed concrete is usually transported to the workplace by trucks with a running tanker, prefabricated concrete is made and formed entirely in the factory, and after drying, it is transported to the project site. But usually a device called a concrete pump is used to transfer and place the liquid type of concrete. The concrete pump transports the concrete to the desired location through pumping.

One of the types of concrete pumps is canvas concrete pump. This type of pump is installed in the back of the truck or semi-trailer and pours the concrete directly to the desired location through its movable arm. This type of concrete pump is commonly used in large construction projects. Using this method to move and move concrete will have a significant impact on cost and labor savings. Because this type of concrete pump is able to transfer a large volume of concrete

Another type of concrete pump that is able to pump less concrete than a canvas concrete pump is a truck-mounted concrete pump. This type of device, as its name implies, is installed on trucks or trailers. In this method, we need a metal or flexible hose for concreting. These hoses are connected manually and pump the concrete to the desired location. This concrete pump is commonly used for the construction of small projects such as swimming pools and sidewalks.

Another example of a concrete pump that is used only for transporting concrete in certain places such as mines as well as tunnels and is less common is the skid or rail concrete pump.