تاور کرین پتن

Faustin Potain After selling his bicycle shop and filing a patent for building and construction materials, in 1928, Faustin Potain founded Potain Road Company in La Clayette region of France. Faustin Potain Tower Crane Founder
In 1929, she succeeded in patenting detachable scaffolding, a huge success!
In 1930-1935, the POTAIN tower crane appeared on the market for the first time. Since then, this innovation has been constant.
Paten Potain controls the global tower crane market with over 100,000 tower cranes sold and installed worldwide.
Today, Potain Tower Crane, a subsidiary of the Manitowoc Crane Group, manufactures more than 60 models in its factories in France, Italy, Portugal and China.

Tourcrane Patten of France

Potain tower cranes have been used in major projects such as the Three Valleys Dam in China, the Milao Railway Bridge, the reconstruction of the Bay Bridge between San Francisco and Oakland (USA), and one of the tallest towers in the world (800 meters) in Dubai. Potain is one of the famous brands in Iran. This company joined Manitowoc in 2001.
Potain manufactures a variety of products designed for various projects, which are now sold worldwide through Manitowoc’s sales network.
Potain is the production of three families of tower cranes. The smallest Potain tower cranes are self-assembled tower cranes, whose capacity ranges from 1 ton to about 8 tons. The tallest and largest Potain tower cranes are slewing cranes, whose capacity range is from 8 tons to 64 tons. Also, they are custom designed for large projects up to 160 tons capacity.
The company’s innovations include the landscape and location of the cabin, the wireless dialogue control system and the lift LLC system.
Potain tower crane is not only found in traditional construction sites, but also used in dam construction projects, power stations, shipyards and bridge construction projects.
The new generation of Potain MDT CCS City tower cranes was unveiled in 2015.

French Potain tower crane company gives you the opportunity to buy the best and most suitable tower crane according to your needs and get the best use out of it. This company manufactures its tower cranes in three different categories from 1 to 8 tons and widely used slewing cranes from 8 to 64 tons and customized tower cranes from 64 to 160 tons, which allows tower crane buyers to find the most efficient Buy a tower crane suitable for your project and structure.